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Top things to do in Liverpool: Philharmonic Hall

Philharmonic Hall (left)

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra gives more than 60 concerts a year, with world-class artists, at its home, Philharmonic Hall and plays far and wide in venues and concert halls across the UK and abroad. Along with this, Liverpool Philharmonic is one of the UK’s most forward-looking music organisations. It has created the world-class Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the royal Liverpool philharmonic choir and contemporary group Ensemble 10/10. it has been a great place for the whole community spirit of Liverpool with their extremely active Learning department has been working with schools and the community through its orchestral programme since the 1940.

Philharmonic Dining Rooms (right)

You don’t have to go far to find a decent pub in Liverpool. A short stroll between the city’s two cathedrals (famously positioned at opposite ends of the same street) takes you past at least four excellent boozers. The very best of these has to be the architectural gem that is the Philharmonic Dining Rooms (lovingly referred to by the locals as “The Phil”). Situated on Hope Street (not to be confused with the actual Philharmonic Hall concert venue across the road) is a breathtakingly ornate, architectural marvel, Art Deco drinking den.

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