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Top things to do in Liverpool: The Palm House

Sefton Park Palm House

Whether you are just out for a stroll in Sefton Park or would like to make a specific visit, Sefton Park Palm House is open to the public virtually all year round. Admission is free.

As one of its kind, this glass structure is different every time you visit depending on the time of day, type of light and seasonal growth. With benches both inside and out, it is a perfect place for quiet reflection or, if you fancy something more lively, come along to one of our Trust events.

Combine your visit to Sefton Park Palm House with a walk around Sefton Park and make it an afternoon out. You could even plan a longer trip and take in some of the surrounding green areas such as Otterspool Promenade and Calderstones Park. Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to visit and you could pick up Cycle Route 56 which goes through Sefton Park or look out for one of the Bike Time Rides in Sefton Park.

The Palm House is a few miles from Liverpool City Centre, but you can visit it as part of a tour.

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