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Top things to do in Liverpool: Places of Worship

Princes Road Synagogue

one of Europe’s finest synagogues, princes road synagogue is a fantastic and beautiful place to visit and take some great photographs. Built in 1874 of red sandstone and unpressed brick, the building impressively combines Gothic and Moorish architecture. The interior is rich in marble and gold and outline the  history of the building and of the local Jewish community and include a demonstration of the artefacts and their place in Religious traditions.

St George’s Church, Everton

St. George's was built on the former site of the Everton Beacon, on the highest point of the village and the foundation stone was laid on 13th April 1813 and the church was consecrated on 26th October 1814. It was common practice in many churches in the early 19th century for the wealthy to pay rent on a pew and thereby have exclusive use of it, and this was certainly the practice at St George's. With limited free seating the poor were kept at the very back, however a population explosion changed that. In the period  1851-1861 the population of Everton increased by 112 percent. The wealthy families had already started to leave their mansions for more exclusive areas and more modest accommodation was being built for the poorer families who replaced them.

It was the first cast iron church built in Liverpool and is a lovely place to visit!

All Saints Church, Childwall

beginning the build in the 14th century, this church has improved with age! Every few centuries the building was modernised and improved till it was restored in 1994, when no further changes have been made. The building is picturesque with beautiful gardens and surroundings.

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