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Top things to do in Liverpool: Chinatown

China town

Liverpool’s trading past may be little in evidence on today’s streets but its long-standing international links are obvious thanks to monuments such as the Chinese Arch. Decorated with 200 Chinese dragons, it marks the beginning of Europe’s oldest Chinatown and is the focus of the Chinese New Year celebrations along Nelson Street. Opposite isThe Black-E, a 19th century former church which is now a community arts centre.

The first presence of Chinese people in Liverpool dates back to 1834 when the first vessel direct from China arrived in Liverpool's docks to trade such goods as silk, tea and cotton wool. In addition to this, the large amounts of trade meant the blue funnel shipping line was created to make strong trade links between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Liverpool. From the 1890's onwards, a community was built and now with a great collection of Chinese restaurants, china town is a great place to visit.

Liverpool's Imperial Arch is the largest outside of China. Standing 15 meters or some 50 feet tall and spanning the street it stands on (Nelson Street). It ranks as one of the most spectacular sites in Liverpool.

With its 200 Dragons, five roofs and sheer complexity it is well worth taking the time to view this huge structure. Don't forget the wide angle lens if you wish to take photographs.

Shipped from Shanghai in China piece by piece, the whole arch was put together in time for the annual Chinese, New Year celebrations held in this area every year.

The archway was a direct outcome of years of co-operation and co-ordination between the Liverpool Chinatown Business Association, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Rope Walks and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Protected by two bronze lions, and placed correctly with the principles of Feng Shui. The archway in all its glory simply states one thing, Zhong Guo Cheng or simply translated "Chinatown."

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